About Me

john kuzicki headshotYou will quickly identify John’s passion for real estate.  He became a real estate professional and has been a top producing agent in Northern Arizona.  His abundant energy, creativity, dedication and real estate wisdom drive his passion to fulfill the needs and goals of his clients.  His know-how brings peace of mind to his clients. In his practice of real estate he is known for outstanding client service, consistent communication and strong attention to detail.  John initiates communication in every aspect of the transaction from the first phone call, all the way to the completion of the transaction; John strives to take the pressure off of you; teach and guide you so you can make clear and concise choices throughout the process. John loves to meet people where they are; with their absolutely unique situation and help guide them through their choices and help them get to where they want to be! He hands over the keys to a dream come true!  He loves it!  He offers seamless assistance to you for every aspect of your home purchase or sale.  Leveraging my experience as a successful business professional with personal touches blended with high tech marketing techniques.  John is a skilled negotiator with his client’s best interest in the forefront.  John uses his experience and foresight to proactively address details before they become an unwanted issue.  John has worked with clients as far ranging as his next door neighbor to world renown scientists.  He is trusted on all levels.  This has translated to a strong loyal repeat clients and is the driving reason why John finds success so easily.
It’s about the people, not the agent.  He has refined listening skills so that he can hear what is important to his clients.  Also, equally important at times, he can identify and address what isn’t being said.
John enjoys the people, seasons, culture and the many outdoor activities available to him in his community.  He loves to read a wide and varied selection of literature, cook & eat, exercise, seek adventure in the outdoors, skiing, camping, fishing, horses and dogs.
John is a firm believer in giving back. He gives to various charities from the Salvation Army to Big Brothers Big Sisters.  He stepped away from real estate for a few years to lend assistance to his elderly mother when she was in need.  While doing that, he met man who was destitute.  He befriended him and he was able to get him medical assistance that he needed at that time.  He was evaluated by medical professionals who found that he suffered from organic cognitive brain disorder.  John was then able to guide him through the complicated process of filing for Social Security Disability  process.  The man was declared legally disabled.  He now receives social security benefits and he enjoys a stable living environment, money to buy food, medical coverage and peace of mind.
By making an industry leap to real estate from a position with an auditing firm and holding the position of Senior Field Auditor, John quickly found professional success in Resort Sales on the East Coast and then merged all of those skills into a successful real estate career working with buyers and sellers of single family homes, condominiums, ranches and land sales in Northern Arizona.
 John recognizes that each property is unique, therefore each marketing proposal must be specifically tailored to the property.  He offers advanced marketing strategies joined with uncompromising integrity and savvy negotiating skills are the hallmarks of John’s service.
Please call John anytime without obligation.  He is ready to go to work for you today!  He is your Go To Agent!
                                                Tenaciously protecting his client’s interests!
Prior to earning licensure for selling Real Estate and after attending Rutgers University and graduating from Montclair State University of the Greater New York area with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, he was a Senior Field Auditor.